Oct 13, 2022 • 40M

Episode 21: Just smile!

The little ways we can all build community for older adults, and the big things that need to be done to support them

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Sarah Climenhaga
My perspectives on Toronto, to help you make an informed decision on voting day.
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My guest today is Denise Smith. Denise is a woman with a wealth of experience in creating great communities. She raised her family in Toronto, Montreal & Sudbury, worked as a registered nurse and an educator in hospitals, long term care medical offices, Cambrian College and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Since retiring to her hometown of Toronto she’s been contributing countless hours as a volunteer with a program in support of older adults aging in place in a multi-generational, high-rise community which has been identified as a NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community).  Her perspective teaches us how the little things - like benches on the side of a street, or a simple smile - make a big difference to quality of life for everyone in our city. 

For more information on NORC's visit::  


To find out what you can do in your own community of older adults, email Denise c/o oasisnews.400@gmail.com