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A couple of thoughts on this:

1) I have heard it said - and I think I agree - that the opposite of love is not hate but rather indifference. Hate gets expressed when someone perceives a threat to what they love. Both hate and love require passion. Indifference entails a complete lack of love.

2) I completely agree that the term "hate" has become commonly misused, somewhat cynically by many, as a way to exclude a contrary opinion from conversation. If you can slander opposing opinion as motivated by hate, you get to avoid considering any merits the opposing opinion may have.

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This post reminds me for the seven billionth time why I love you. <3

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Human beings originally evolved in small family groups in Africa as hunter gatherers, then this evolved into bands or tribes over time.

We have language because we are social creatures - requiring 10-13 or more years before a reasonable chance of surviving alone and sexual maturity if we wish to break those familial bonds.

As hunter gatherers, our groups learned that resources were scarce - we were competing with other groups as well as with certain animals that could prey on us.

Our brains are naturally wired to separate between those of our own loving family and friends, and "others" who are a threat or who we see as the "other". We also developed sex-based roles given women get pregnant and men couldn't breast feed - so the women tended to do more gathering while the men hunted and provided defense against animals and other tribes.

Anthropologists obviously study this stuff in detail and look at indigenous peoples to see how they live, and we can compare this to what archeologists discover.

So, hate and fear are natural - we learn to have rats and mice, and insects or anything that can harm us or take our food, but also to similarly divide humans between friends and foes. People on the political right, and early economists, tend to see humans as selfish individuals only out for themselves, but at times we also benefit from co-operation and even altruism - particularly to others of our own group.

And certainly, anger when we are harmed easily turns to hate... and anger can be exploited and used to manipulate people - like obviously Hitler as the extreme case, but we see it with Trump and others today.

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I think the reason those signs are so triggering is because of their hypocrisy. They pretend to care about justice, but turn a blind eye to faaar more serious injustice - real injustice. In fact they actually support it, if you scratch even a bit under their surface. Being rejected hurts *emotionally*, sure, but it's nothing compared to real physical enslavement and assault and threats of murder.

You'll never see a "don't tread on me" sign beside those -ism signs.

If you scratch a bit deeper, you'll realize they're only using the pretense of justice to push for more Big Brother - all of their "solutions" "coincidentally" call for that. It's a trojan horse, and they know it, as evidenced by their evasions when confronted.

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I think you're unfairly hating on hate :). Hatred is our emotional response to injustice - it is a valid healthy emotion, just as valid and useful as love (our emotional response to virtue) that we ought to respect and listen to.

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My parents and grandparents survived the Nazi occupation of Europe before coming to North America. The one thing which they impressed upon me (as did Jewish survivors of the Holocaust) was never forget and never forgive your oppressors until THEY make amends. To forgive someone, they MUST acknowledge their sins and be prepared to face the consequences. I already knew that humanity was mostly a plague upon the Earth and that the majority of history humans have lived under oppression and enslavement-that is where we are going now thanks to sick fucks like Klaus Schwab/WEF and all the other captured international organizations which have been plotting since the robber-baron era of the 1800's to "Reduce" the human population and control, enslave and own humanity. Our own Justin Castreau, son of Fidel, lover of "China's basic dictatorship", is another such sick fuck. All people being in or belonging to the WEF/Club of Rome/Committee of 300/WB/IMF etc, etc, need to be purged from this Earth, not the masses; even though I can't stand the Sheeple myself. The Predators ARE evil, but the Sheeple do and allow evil, just like during the Nazi era in Germany-they did and said nothing and attacked the decent folks standing up for democracy and freedom-including THEIRS, ironically.

The ONLY people whom I respect and admire are those who are neither predators nor sheep, but the virtuous lovers and defenders of freedom.

Ove the last 3 1/2 years I witnessed doctors, nurses and health department people kill millions by denying life-saving medications to those who caught the engineered Covid bioweapon, kill millions more with dangerous Remdesivir and ventillators, and then mass murder millions more with the "safe and effective" MRNA bioweapons.

I watched the Rwanda massacre and the world which shrugged. I see the 100,000,000 victims of communism in the 20th century continuing this century.

Like the Israelites, I do not forget nor forgive the sheep and predators-they can ALL be expunged from this Earth-and good riddance.

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