Proud to see my amazing mom's wisdom continuing to inform the discussion!

Also, Sarah, I love your sign-offs! I will for sure still need you when you're sixty-four. What is age, really? ;-)

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As we have less energy going forward we are likely to be working longer with less retirement. Jean-Marc Jancovici argues for this on the ÉLUCID podcast: LES RESSOURCES S’ÉPUISENT, LA PLANÈTE SURCHAUFFE : ADIEU LA MONDIALISATION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5NAhJoQjQ8 at around 1:17:30.

This may be good news as well as bad news, On the plus side isolation and institutionalization may be less of a problem because we are not likely to have the food and energy surpluses to support this. On the down side it means more physical and longer work.

It will be important to keep people as healthy as possible for as long as possible because we won't have the physical means to support our current sickly society. Health care will have to focus on prevention. See the podcast on Chez Anatole: Jean-Marc Jancovici l’interview : Notre Santé face au Climat


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